White Rhino: Bringing The Craft Beer Revolution To India

The Indian Beer market has seen a rapidly emerging demand for over the past few years and  White Rhino Co is one such craft beer brand.

I’ve been drinking this beer since quite sometime now and I thought its finally time to write about it.

White Rhino Brewing Co was founded with the goal of bringing together the best
ingredients, equipment and people to brew world class beer in India. It launched India’s
first bottled craft beer in 2016 and has since gone on to become one of the country’s
most highly reputed brews.  The company owns and operates its state of the art facility
in Gwalior, MP, from where it distributes to both domestic and international markets.

White Rhino takes immense pride in its “No Shortcuts” approach to brewing authentic,
true-to-style beers of an international standard. The beers are brewed in small batches
with a focus on flavour, authenticity and quality.

White Rhino has become the premium beer of choice for consumers in Delhi, Gurgaon,
Chandigarh, Punjab and Bengaluru. In addition to the domestic market, the brand has
also gained popularity in international markets such as the United Kingdom and Nepal.

White Rhino currently offers three variants – a Belgian Witbier, a Munich Lager (Helles)
and an IPA (India Pale Ale). White Rhino’s well rounded portfolio caters to the tastes
of every beer drinker.  

White Rhino Wit is a balanced and refreshing Belgian-style wheat beer (Witbier)
brewed with Curacao orange peel and organic coriander.

White Rhino’s Munich-style Lager is a clean, crisp session beer brewed in the German
tradition with 100% Pilsner malt, and is matured in tank for over a month.

The third variant in the White Rhino portfolio is an aromatic India Pale Ale with subtle
tropical and floral notes, and a clean bitter finish. Since this style was released in 2017,
it has become a favourite amongst beer enthusiasts around the country.

PS: Their Wit is my favourite..! Grab yours now and tell me your favourite variant .


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