Here’s Why Every Blogger Should Be on TUBBR App

As we all know that the new age millennial consumes much of the information via a digital platform, hence, I would like to introduce you to a new app called TUBBR that lets you control how and to whom you can share your content with.


If you are a Micro Influencer, then TUBBR surely is a great platform for you to share your content with the world. This app may give you the look and feel of something similar to Instagram, but, in actuality, it does not.


Here’s how TUBBR is different from Instagram: –


  • TUBBR lets you create multiple timelines or walls on one single account.
  • Only those people, who are actually interested in your content, subscribe to your wall. This in turn helps in better engagement.
  • You get to browse through the content that’s relevant to you, or matches your interest.
  • It’s an Ad-free network.
  • It has horizontal scrolling wall feeds, focusing more on content and avoids spamming.
  • You don’t need the hashtag game here for getting your post recognized on the community.


I’ve been using this app for more than two weeks now and I simply love it. The app’s interface is quite user-friendly and I really liked the fact that you can manage all of your content, be it personal or public, by signing up with just one single account.  It’s got 3 different tabs, namely, Featured- lets you see the featured content, Network- lets you see and manage your own walls and Discover- lets you discover the content as per your interests. This division on the app gives it a systematic and an organized feel.


The thing that I liked the most is that only those who are interested in or are looking for the type of content that I post are the ones who subscribe to my walls. This surely is helpful in assessing the content in a better way and also lets me identify what kind of content is getting more appreciated. I post about things like Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Nature, and I’ve got a fair appreciation of my content so far.


I would definitely recommend this app to my fellow bloggers and even followers. It’s totally worth it.


Download the App via my Access code and be the first one to join, as it’s only available through invites.


There is also something special in store for all those who join in early via my Access Code.




My Access Code:VTFV17



TUBBR App Download Link:
(or find TUBBR on Google Play Store & App Store)



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