Kiara- A Soul Kitchen: offering a fine, inclusive experience for the soul

GK is one of the famous spots for the South Delhiites to go to, be it for shopping or eating out.


I happened to be in the market a couple of days ago and came across this new place called Kiara that is located right behind the M-Block Market in GK-2. Their tagline, “Soul Kitchen” was so catchy that I couldn’t help but visit the place to find out what it has to offer.


As soon as I entered, the place gave me a feel of a ‘classy’ fine dine place ; I was greeted with a  genial smile on one of the staff members face, which was quite welcoming. The interiors of the place just added to the vibe.


To my surprise, the owner was present at the property and I had a chance to have a conversation with him, after which I found out that Kiara is an initiative of TFB Food Ventures, which is the brainchild of two brothers, Manav and Madhav Windlass who came with established Corporate Careers which required extensive travel, due to which they consumed a lot of outside food. Both of them realised the pit-falls of eating out , which not only meant having heavier bellies after a certain point of time, but also effusive food allergies and other attendant conditions. Being foodies at heart, both of them realised that there was a gap in the market with respect to delicious and hygienic food, which was also an inspiration for starting this venture. TBF Food Ventures has been founded with the vision of changing the perception of outside food as not being good for health, both in the form of eateries and as packaged food.


Inspired by eclectic Asian flavours, the kitchen is designed by keeping a contemporary theme in mind, yet inspired by local indigenous products. Following the key principle of “Soul Kitchen”, Kiara aims to deliver delicacies which shall still be high on taste buds without compromising on mindfulness, purity and genuineness about locally relevant ingredients. They strive to serve an offering which would sit easy on the belly and have elements that help achieve an overall balance which is also the key aspect to creating a culinary experience that nourishes the mind, body and ultimately the soul.


The Kiara team is trying to balance out extremities in food to create special cuisines and culinary experiences by following the mechanisms of reducing or removing artificial taste enhancers, moderating use of oil or fat or high Glycemic Index items in recipes, in-house preparation of dressings or sauces & condiments with genuine natural ingredients and usage of organic ingredients in food.



They have a huge variety of Thai, Asian and Japanese cuisines to offer.

Here’s what I had

Virgin Sangria: A very refreshing and fruity drink, having grape juice and assorted fresh fruits.



Chapman: A drink consisting of tabasco, angostura bitter, orange juice and sprite. For me, this was something I hadn’t had before, and would recommend if you are looking to change from the usuals.



Vietnamese cream soup: This one is definitely a must have if you happen to visit Kiara. The creamy texture is impeccable, it is made using cauliflower puree that is imbued with a hint of cinnamon and star anise.


Vietnamese rolls with spicy peanut dip: Minty farm fresh vegetables rolled in rice sheets. Vietnamese rolls have always been my favourite and the spicy peanut dip that they serve with these did true justice to the flavours. However, I wish the rolls were more juicy.


Grilled vegetable salad with honey vinegar dressing: It had grilled zucchini, bell peppers, asparagus. The dressing is served at room temperature. If you love salads, this should be your pick for sure.


Gobhi Parantha with Pumpkin curry: Kiara presents the traditional parantha with a twist ; steamed dough rolls stuffed with cauliflower and mushrooms over yellow pumpkin gravy. Never thought that the gobhi parantha could taste so good.


Red Thai curry served & Black Rice with Paneer: Loved the consistency of the Thai curry, had well-blended flavours and the Black Rice were done in Asian style.



Crispy date pancakes: For me, this dessert was too crunchy. Though it had been served with Vanilla ice-cream, I still did not relish it that much.


Paan kulfi: If you love paan, you’d love this flavour of kulfi for sure.





₹2,200 for two (approx)

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