Looking for true Irani & Parsi food? Then SodaBottleOpenerWala is the best pick!

Started in 2013, SodaBottleOpenerWala is a cafe modelled on the Irani cafes present in Mumbai.


The interiors of the cafe do true justice to the theme. The interiors are done in pretty bright colours, the table cloths in red & white, the quirky wall hangings & the song playlist takes you back to the 70s.



The ambience and authentic delectable Parsi food gives one true Mumbai vibes. The cafe not only offers typical Mumbai dishes but also keeps adapting to the Delhi Food Culture from time to time.


The chain now has 3 cafes across Delhi NCR and I really loved the fact that they’ve employed specially abled people too as a part of their staff.  🙂



They have a special breakfast menu called “The Big Bawa Breakfast” and  a separate dine in menu for lunch/dinner.


I’d been hearing so much about The Big Bawa Breakfast which is served from 8.30am to 12pm that I couldn’t help but try this one. They have an extensive menu and it’s hard to zero down on what you want to eat as all of them seem so delicious.


Here’s what I had

Meaty Poro: It is a Parsi flat omelette having Ham bits, pickled onion, gherkin, crispy bacon & cheddar served with assorted grilled veggies, baked beans, cheesy mushrooms & butter bun. The omelette was very soft and is a must have if you are a meat lover just like me!


Pork Sausages: Another favourite pick for an ideal breakfast, these sausages were grilled to perfection and filled with cheese.


Chicken Chilli Cheese Pav: It had a fluffy tossed wheat bran pav topped with homemade tomato sauce, chicken, cheese and green chilli. The pav had the right amount of all the toppings leaving a slight crunchy texture in my mouth and I loved that.


Classic Akuri with Bun: The presentation of this dish is similar to that of a popular street food item – ‘Pav Bhaji’, but, this consisted of spicy soft scrambled eggs served with thick buttered toast.


Chicken bhuna sandwich with french fries: What I liked the most about this sandwich was that it was prepared in homemade multi grain bread but I felt that it was over grilled leaving a crumb kind of texture after the very first bite.


Five Berry Sober Sangira: It was a fruity and refreshing drink, recommended for sure!


Cold Coffee Brew with Star Anise & Mandarin: If you love black coffee, you would love this for sure; its taste is partially akin to that of the former, but, it’s not the same for sure.


Gadbad: Isn’t the name interesting? Catchy yet leaving a doubt in your mind as to what it could be, right? Well well, Gadbad is a scrumptious dessert that has chocolate, strawberry & vanilla ice cream, cupcakes, butterscotch & chocolate sauce, sprinklers, roasted cashews and jujubes.


Irani Chai: Brewed tea with thickened milk, a speciality of Irani cafes is a perfect pick for ending such a hearty breakfast!




₹1,300 for two (approx)

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