The Classroom: A visit to school days

The classroom is a newbie in sector 29 Gurgaon. Located next to Downtown, this property is huge having two floors, a basement and a terrace. The basement has the bar with periodic table and a DJ with music and dance period written on its podium. That’s exactly how the interiors are done having wall graffiti like FLAMES and many more. The coolest graffiti I found is the ABCD of a brewery having names of all the spirits. The desks and benches add onto the theme doing complete justice to the name of the brewery. The terrace is created like an amphitheatre which is another add on to the theme. They have a separate space for recreational activities where you could play  Carom, Dart, Jenga and Foosball.This place sure does take you back to your school days and is one of the best options to hang out with friends in Delhi NCR.

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Must say the entire team is well behaved and efficient. The manager and owners are warm and welcoming. Not to forget, Chef Kuldeep is really good and has a huge variety to offer.

Let’s talk about what they have to offer on your palate.

As it’s a brewery, definitely everyone must be wanting to find out the kind of beer they serve. Well well I’d like to mention here that they have some amazing fresh brewed Belgian beers to offer with a variety of flavours : Triple, Dark, Blonde, White and Pomfraiz. One of the best beers I’ve had till date and are very smooth. Apart from beer they also have a huge variety of Cocktails and Mocktails to offer.


Triple Beer, Rosy Ma’am Mocktail and Eraser cocktail.

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Coming to the food,

I have to say that their appetizers stole the show. Every dish is made in an innovative way and taste really very good. Tried so many appetizer varieties that I actually had no room for the mains so ended up having only three dishes.



Chicken Lukhmi: A Hyderbadi snack inspired by the traditional street food snack called samosa having a minced chicken filling inside and crispy from outside.

Palak Patta Chaat: presenting the usual veggie Spinach in an innovative way with Yoghurt and tamarind. Those of you who don’t like having Spinach will definitely want to have it after trying out this amazing dish.

Chimichanga: Filling of finely chopped vegetables and Mozzarella prepared the Tex-Mex way.

Chicken65: Prepared with Chef’s secret recipe, Chennai style.

CMC(Classroom Maska Chicken) : A special chicken dish presented the classroom way.

Bacon wrapped chicken: Bacon lovers, do make a note of this! Shiitake mushroom stuffed chicken wrapped in Bacon.

Reshampatti chilli mushrooms: scooped mushrooms filled with goat cheese.

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Seafood pad thai noodles

Bunny chow: South African style chicken stuffed in buns.

Meen Moilee: sole fish cooked in Malabari curry served with Idiyappam.


Tried the brownie which I felt could have been more chocolatey or served in a sizzler style.

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Overall had a great experience I would definitely want to visit again sometime soon for trying out the other dishes on their menu.




12,00 for two(approx)

Vat and service charges extra

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